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Adriatica - Island of Optimism





What headlines can we lately read worldwide - fuel prices raise, food prices raise, unemployment rate raise... Many negative news from all over the world...

However - there is one country that shines with optimism, where people are still happy, where you can see a glimpse of paradise in eyes of ordinary people...

You've got it - of course - that's our Adriatica !!!

There was recently a meeting of world leaders, when one American professor stated - "If the rest of the world would have just a bit of optimism and self confidence, as it is the case with Croatia - all world crisis would disappear overnight..."

We are going forward !!! With trust in God, decidedly refusing negative influences from east and the west, from south and the north - we go forward... We have our own attitude - we are glad to accept all news that are serving for the good of the mankind - but we are strongly refusing all odious idiotism - whatever big brother tries to bring it here.

Croatia serves as an example for our sisters and brothers in Adriatica - but also to any people in the world that accepts the concept of a good man.

Come - have a cup of coffee with us on a peaceful Dubrovnik promenade - feel that you are alive, that you are accepted as a human, as a brother and sister. We will not reject nor undervalue your own personality. Our system of values will prevail - it is obvious everyday more and more. 

It is obvious on the example of property market as well. While everywhere the prices are falling down - the property prices in Adriatica continuously raise. We walk full of optimism under the sun and clear blue Adriatica skies. Join the winners - we wait for you...

The world like winners...