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Ante Nevistic - Interview for Russian Magazine

Mr Nevistic has given an exclusive interview to the Russian real estate magazine.

On question: "Comparing with other European countries, are the investments to Croatian real estate favorable?"

Mr Nevistic answered:
Croatia is changing very fast. If it continues in this pace - I think that Croatia will be one of the strongest and healtiest European economies in a near future ( the official figures state revenue of more than 8 billions of Euros this year - only from tourism ). 

Wealthy people from other European countries - see that life in Croatia can be organized at the same standards as in their own country. So - when they count with the splendid Adriatic coast, mild Mediterranean climate, fine culture etc - many of them decide to choose Croatia as a second home ( or even the first one ). As there are more and more Europeans ( of course that I count Russians among them ) who decide to purchase properties in Croatia - so the prices go up.

It is not less important that Europeans recognize Croatia as a country where they can feel comfortable in all fields of life. They feel that we share quite the same values ( I hope that you share my oppinion about this - I don't want to mention some countries, where many Europeans don't feel comfortable just because of different values ), that people are very friendly and open, that the administration functions quite fair, that infrastructure is becoming very modern ( to compare - Croatia has built in last 10 years more motorways than Denmark in 50 years ).

Regarding Russians - I would take freedom to mention our common Slavic roots, language, Christian faith etc. Russians that have already bought property in Croatia have fast integrated into Croatian society.

They learn the language in a quite short timeframe - I have met some of them whom I couldn't differ from Croats. They feel very comfortable - as mentioned - very well integrated into our society.

We have in Split Russian actors in theatre, doctors, sport people, business people ( Viktor Zeleznak is
owner of the Split main trading port as well as of some factories )...