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Bosnia and Herzegovina in EU soon !!!!



Beautiful heart-shaped country in the ultimate heart of Europe - Bosnia and Herzegovina - will soon become a member of the European Union.

Many Europeans get terribly surprised when they discover such a beautiful country - that was in last century in large troubles.

The country has been stabilising and just a few more steps are to be undertaken - to reach its final goal - to join EU.

Today is signed agreement on association which is a final step towards full membership.

Regarding property market in Bosnia and Herzegovina - of course that the new situation gives much more impetus to potential investors - to invest there.

We expect a boom in property prices in next 2 years. So - be fast - Bosnia and Herzegovina waits for you.

Albania, Montenegro and Croatia are supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina on its way into EU. There will be no more borders and Adriatica will be one of the most favorable places to live.

Welcome - beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina !!!