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Buying a plot & building your dream home in Croatia

Very often - we meet buyers with their idealised dreams about real estate in Croatia. They would like ideal property - but than realise - it is not so easy to find, it is not so cheap... We advise such clients to buy a building plot in Croatia - and than build a house after their own wishes and dreams. 

Republic of Croatia has defined its whole territory with urbanistic plans - you always know exactly where, what and how - you can build. If your intention is to buy a building plot in Croatia - you shall have on your side, from the beggining, someone who understands all the rules and laws.  We will make a kind of introduction here - so that you have an orientation about the process of buying a plot - and building a house in Croatia.     

Building plot Croatia

As most of our clients look for a plot, where they want to build a familly house - so will we write about that. Such a plot has to be in zone M1 or M5. On the picture above, you see also zones like T (touristic), Z (green), D (zone of public importance) etc. One has to take care also for "maritime zone" (red lines). Republic of Croatia has the most modern in the world - online system for real estate information. So - you can easily access Cadastre office, Land registry, you can see graphical presentation of all properties in Croatia, you can see urbanistic plans etc. A lot of useful information you will find on website of The ministry of building and physical planning.

Building plot Croatia

Most of our clients put the sea distance and sea view - as the main parameters - when they consider different building plots. However - at the Adriatic sea, there can be a big differences regarding sea distance and view. There are regions where only the first row to the sea - has a sea view (might be also the second and third row). That is the case in lowlands.

Such a situation is very rare in Dalmatia. In Dalmatia predominates hilly terrain - from the sea begins ascent pitch - so that someone who is kilometers away from the sea - can have a very nice sea view. Therefore - we advise our clients to come here, to have some short viewings - where we will show them why some region is interesting. The client will also have much more clear picture - what is he/she looking for at all.

Building plot Croatia

Besides seaview - a building plot should have a proper road access, connection to electricity and water pipeline. Most towns and larger villages have communal sewage system - in some smaller villages you will have to build a septical tank. Croatian coast is partly gasified - gasification of ​​Zadar and Sibenik area is progressing rapidly, gasification of ​​Split area is in the beginning stage (2012).

plot Dalmatia

Into the process of building, besides you as an investor - are involved also licensed architect, auditor (certified engineer or architect to conduct an audit of the project), the contractor (authorized building company) and supervisor (licensed engineer who conducts supervision of construction - on behalf of the investor).

In cooperation with your architect, you should come up with a solution - how will your future house look like. He will take into account all your wishes to shape the final project. That project, along with the proof of ownership - are the basis for seeking building permit, which will be issued by the county office in your county (zupanija).

plot Dalmatia

Once you get a building permit, your contractor will probably start with the construction. In Croatia, there are a lot of high quality building companies, so we recommend to choose 4 to 5, give them documentation of your house - so they can bid for the cost of construction. Various solutions are possible - for example, a contractor can purchase all materials and build the house - or you can purchase materials and contactor does the building only, etc. The most common contract with contractors is "a turnkey home" (kljuc u ruke).

If a contractor builds a "turnkey home", they frame the structure and finish the interior. Everything is completed down to the cabinets and carpet. Many well-known and lesser-known companies - that are engaged in the sale of materials and equipment for construction - have their sales network in coastal Croatia. Variety of choices are really at the top level. We can mention companies like Gradja, Bauhaus, Brodomerkur etc.

plot Dalmatia

If you have enough financial strength - your house in Croatia may be ready to move in - very quickly. When the construction company completes all the work, you need to invite people from the county office, to review the completed construction. If all works are done according to the project - you'll get the final document for your house - a "usage permit".

plot Dalmatia

How much could your house in Croatia cost? We can give some orientation - that will not say anything precise, but can be a kind of useful hint. 

Land in the first row to the sea, where you can really build - is becoming increasingly rare!!! Therefore, the prices are relatively high, ranging from 200E/m2 to 1000E/m2. The second and third row from the sea - prices can range from 100E/m2 to 300E/m2. As we move further away from the sea - the prices are lower, unless the land is on an elevated site, that has a nice view of the sea. You can track the real price levels - in our menu to the left, please click on "Building land". 

building plot Dalmatia

Let's take an example - you are buying 600m2 large building plot in Croatia, second row from the sea.

Let's say that you pay 200E/m2, hence - in total for the building plot 120.000E.
For a project of 200m2 large house, you will pay an architect ca 3000E.
Communal fees - connection to electricity, water, sewage, gas - ca 15.000E
We calculate that building costs range from 400E/m2 do 1000E/m2. Let's say, it is 700E/m2 - so, total building costs will be ca 140.000E.
Furniture and some equipment could cost ca 20.000E.

Hence - the total cost would be ca 298.000E. Having in mind that such houses are offered on the market, at price levels of ca 600.000E - it is obvious that building your own home is a very reasonable endeavour.

building plot Dalmatia

Of course, as noted above - the difference can be huge. If you are building for example, in Karin, near Zadar - then you can go through the whole endeavor for less than 200,000E (land acquisition, construction, all costs). If you are building for example in the area of ​​Dubrovnik - then the building plot will surely cost a lot more than in other areas, especially if it is on a very attractive micro location. Also - a big difference in price can be in the choice of materials, equipment, furniture, etc.

Buying a building plot in Croatia and construction of your house - will take some time. From our experience we can say that the construction of house in Croatia - is a pretty positive experience. Croatia is an European country solidly organized, building contractors are excellent, Croatia has its own excellent building materials as cement, metals, wood, marble, various other types of stone of the best quality, etc.  

Perhaps less important - but you can really be sure that your business with good Croatian people will run without any complication. Croatian people are meticulous and tidy - but also always ready for a joke, for a glass of good wine, for good food, for a good song... So - we are sure that after the completion of your construction enterprise in Croatia, you will be very happy and satisfied.

Greetings from Dalmatia - waiting for you right here in paradise...