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CNN: Dubai is out, Croatia is new target for celebrities!!!



Quality is quality - however we don't talk about that !!!

You can never achieve such a God's given beauty - by building artificial islands, with a huge help of technology miracles etc. 

One of the biggest world miracles - DUBAI - is in trouble.

Many celebrities - businessman, artists, sportsman, scientists - abandon Dubai and choose to buy real estate in beautiful Croatia.

More and more of them are already here - or - they are looking to acquire property at the Adriatic Sea.

Real estate Croatia

Real Estate Croatia

Global media giant CNN also writes about invasion on the Adriatic. Not only beautiful nature, but also superb way of life - is attracting celebrities to Croatia.

Therefore - prices at Adriatic Sea are stable and we feel a slight trend of rising. Recession in Western Europe is going to its end. So - if your heart beats for unique blue waters of the Adriatic - don't wait too long ! Come to Croatia and buy a peace of paradise for you and your children.


Look here how children of the sun are having fun, without hate and stress: