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Constant investment increase - Gods have arrived to Adriatica



Even in the worst times of global economic crisis - region at the Adriatic sea attracts more and more huge investments. Global economic "Gods" as Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bill Gates, Roman Abramovich - are already here and many others are coming. Why do we see these honorable - globaly successful people - in Adriatica? What attracts them to be here, to live here, to manage their empires from Adriatic shores? Does this means that Adriatica is projected as a real "Paradise on Earth" - as one tourist slogan says...?

nekretnine hrvatska

Let us see just a few examples of excelent Adriatica projects.




Porto Montenegro project is a joint project of several leading business people:

  • Peter MUNK, owns the majority of gold mines in the world
  • Oleg DERIPASKA, the most powerful industrialist in the world when it comes to aluminum
  • Lord Jacob ROTHSCHILD, leading banker of the world
  • Nathaniel ROTHSCHILD, one of the world's largest financial names
  • Bernard ARNAULT, the world's leading retailer
  • Sandor DEMJAN, the world's leading builder

The project includes complete reconstruction of the port of Tivat in Montenegro, with berths and all the services for the most luxurious vessel - plus the accommodation, sports and other facilities. The value is estimated at one billion euros. See more about the project HERE - PORTO MONTENEGRO...






CROATIAN DREAM Project is a project that will ultimately have a value of close to 5 billion euros. It is a whole area of the peninsula of Peljesac, which will be constructed in various tourist complexes, sports facilities, infrastructure facilities etc. The project manager is well-known Split entrepreneur Vincenco BLAGAIĆ. See more about the project  HERE - CROATIAN DREAM...





Spectacular project BRIJUNI RIVIJERA will be worth more than 10 billion Euro. The whole region will be revitalised which will make this part of Croatia - the most prestige mediterranean destination. In one part of the project Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie already participate as investors. Serious negotiations are underway with Roman Abramovich and Bill Gates. See a part of the project  BRIJUNI RIVIJERA here...



nekretnine Hrvatska

Project Dubrovnik PARK GOLF completely changes the perspective of the Srdj area ( above The City of Dubrovnik ). The biggest name in the history of golf Greg NORMAN appears as an investor and designer of the project that will ultimately be worth close to 3 billion euros. See more about the project  HERE - DUBROVNIK GOLF PARK...




ONE & ONLY - Boka Kotorska Resort

nekretnine Hrvatska

Currently one of the biggest investments in tourism - in the whole Europe !!! This is the only investment in Europe of brand One&Only, who have their own luxury resorts in Dubai, Bahamas, Mauricius, South Africa... The project is worth more than half a billion Euros and will be opened by the summer 2016. See more about the project HERE - One&Only Montenegro...




nekretnine Hrvatska

The project is almost finished. It is located near Zadar. This is a superb tourist resort with all amenities for a complete holiday - investment made by the famous Austrian group FALKENSTEINER. See more about the project  HERE - PUNTA SKALA...




nekretnine Hrvatska

Project KEMPINSKI RESORT is located on the edge of Savudrija Bay, near the border with Slovenia. Very high quality tourist complex with numerous facilities. See more about the project  HERE - KEMPINSKI RESORT... 




Project made by Radisson Sas Hotels under the name Radisson BLUE - renovated hotel and tourist resorts Orašac near Dubrovnik, and the restoration of the hotel complex SPLIT in Split city. See more about the project  HERE - RADISSON BLUE...




Project Sveti Stefan - Aman Resorts includes the area of Sveti Stefan in Montenegro. Everything is renovated in the best way, with lots of different facilities. See more about the project  HERE - SVETI STEFAN - AMAN RESORTS...




New Project - SPA HOTELS & RESORT is a tourist complex in Novi Vinodolski, with all modern amenities, with a lot of  sports-oriented activities. See more about the project HERE - NOVI - SPA HOTELS & RESORT...




Olympia joins mediterranean space with modern architecture - a place for perfect active holiday... also business people will enjoy with the offer. Read more about 30 mill. Euro worth project here - OLYMPIA - VODICE...


We can also mention the project - a completely new town on the island of Ciovo near Split, which was delayed for some time - we can see the video:


We don't have to mention the brutal speed of construction of infrastructure facilities in Croatia, which has in the last 10 years built the most modern motorway network - more than any other EU country in the last 50 years. If there was a bit more courage by the Prime Minister of Croatia - the job of building the main highway route through Montenegro would have been very successful and beneficial for both countries. It is expected that in the next few years, Bosnia-Herzegovina will become the largest construction site in Europe, mainly for the construction of several highway corridors (Sava-Adriatic Sea, Banja Luka-Split).

Adriatica flourishes and becomes the most beautiful region in the world - thanks to its beautiful nature in the first place - of course. Located always at the center of the civilized world - it also has had its ups and downs. From the great Darius the Median, strong Illyrian kingdoms, through famous Greek times, the Roman Empire, the powerful Croatian and Serbian kingdoms and states, and to this day - Adriatica is located in the center of the cultural world. All this diversity of cultures were eventually melted into an authentic Adriatic culture, which is unparalleled in European and global scale. Various inferior barbarian invaders were trying to destroy it - but always had to pull out broken and fragmented - at the end of the day - accepting superior Adriatic culture as their own.



It is very easy indeed - to conclude that this culture is superior because of its primordial understanding of the reason of being - and that is - LOVE. Not even all the material achievements, not even this gift of beautiful nature, not all modern technologies - would not so strongly attract people from all over the world - without having here a people filled with genuine love. That is an answer to a question from the beginning of this article. Although there were various barbaric ideologies that have tried to settle on the Adriatic coast - they have failed, because of the Adriatic concept of love - the struggle for life and love - something that is indestructible. People in Croatia have just always been committed to life, they have no fear of anything ...

nekretnine Dalmacija


As can be seen - Adriatica increasingly attracts people from all over the world, searching for real life. By adopting stainless Adriatic spirit, they are the yeast that expands our concept of love throughout the world.

Since there is no doubt that the Adriatic region is the best place in the world to live - do not wait too long... Make a decision today, come to this paradise on earth. Begin with us to build a better world - for yourself, your familly and for all people of the good will... Let's walk the main Dubrovnik's promenade - Stradun ...

nekretnine Dalmacija   


We - people who live from love, don't fear anything. Come on, join us here: