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Pamela Anderson: My beautifull Montenegro





Adriatica attracts each day more and more celebrities who are searching to find a paradise on Earth. All of us remember this beautiful girl from "Baywatch" and most of us have watched it exactly because of her.

And here she comes - phenomenall wellknown beauty queen, Pamela Anderson - has finally found her dream country - Montenegro !!! 

She has been searching for a long time - for a place to start her new business - a place where she would feel superb... As she admits - she has heard about Montenegro just a few months ago.

Pamela sent her manager Peter Asher to visit Montenegro and see with his own eyes that beautifull country.

As she said - Peter Asher returned back to her - with glowing reports of the place, the people and the potential. 


And so - Pamela has decided to establish one luxury hotel near Budva - with health and spa center.  

"In particular I have been looking for a while for the right location and the right partners to create my dream project – a spa/hotel operating on the all various principles I hold dear – good health, good food (which to me means both organic and vegetarian as much as possible) and sound ecological planning – but also keeping in mind the importance of great art, great music, great design and great fun! They are all vital to our wellbeing." - Pamela says.

Welcome dear Pamela to Montenegro!!! Welcome to Adriatica !!! We wish you all the best - let all your dreams be fullfilled in this lovely country - nearly so beautifull as you are...

Let us together listen these handsome Montenegrin boys -"Forever mine..."