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What is a recession? Why do we hear that word more often?

If there is a recession - what situation can we expect in Adriatica? How can we save our money, our values?


RECESSION - is in the air as every day seems to bring more gloomy economic news. Many commentators are now openly talking about the current slowdown turning into a recession. But how do economists define a recession and when will we know if we are going through one?

This is a thorny question on which experts still disagree. However, technically speaking, the economy would slide into recession when it experiences two successive quarters of what is known as "negative growth". For this to happen, the total amount of goods and services produced by one country - known as gross domestic product (GDP) - would have to contract on a quarter by quarter basis for a total period of six months.

The economy could contract in two consecutive quarters but then recover and actually see growth for the year as a whole. Were that to happen, most commentators would label it a mild recession. However, there is also the danger of a full-blown or severe recession where there is an absolute decline in economic growth on a year-by-year basis.

Why do we hear that word more often?

Because the recession usualy starts in one country for some reason - and than spreads to other countries. It is already at place in the USA, and we know - when USA coughs - the EU gets lung inflammation. We can continuosly follow stories about financial market crush in the USA.

Someone who understands a bit about economics - knows those fairy tales, those fictions that serve just to distort the picture of the real world. If you want to learn a bit more about the way USA functions - we can offer you following video.  You might be surprised to learn that american central bank - The Federal Reserve - is actualy a private bank - owned by Rockefeller, Shell, Soros etc families. Besides banking sector, they logicaly hold monopoly over the most of the world media, arms factories, fiction factories ( Hollywood at the first place ), their people take the main chairs in the World Bank, IMF etc, etc...

So, video - part one:

Video - part two:

If there is a recession - what situation can we expect in Adriatica?

We don't want to bother you with too deep special analyses. It is obvious that Adriatica is a part of the EU ( Slovenia and Italy already, Bosnia and Herzegovina is ruled by the EU, Croatia is nearly inside etc ).  Hence - there will be some recession in the EU - resulting in more unemployment, lower living standard, higher interest rates, slower growth...

It will not last too long - but we have to survive that "meantime" - until the economy starts to recover. In Adriatica - the economic growth will slow down, but not too much - because of the current huge investments, but also because of a constant growth in tourist sector - predominantly caused by east European tourists, mainly from Russia.

So - how can we save our money, our values?

You are very lucky person if you own some company, property, money... Of course - do never forget that the real values are at the first place - your life, your health, your family... 

So - let's say that you have some money aside. We have recently seen how fast can we loose the worth of our money - in fuel prices example. How much comodities or services will I be able to purchase in two years - with the money I have right now? Most probably - much less than right now!!! It could loose its worth by 50% or even more... So - what shall I do???

I could hold my money at the bank - but - will they save the worth of my money? Very hard...

This is the way the most of Europeans are thinking... 

The answer is - I shall purchase something that will keep its worth during the time. Or even increase its worth... It could be a gold. It could be a masterpiece of some wellknown artist. Also - that can be a real estate in some part of the world - for which a huge demand exists. Such properties safeguard its value with the highest safety. And what is even more interesting - its prices will explode just when the recession is about to end.

Such region is Adriatica - at the first place!!! If you want to preserve the worth of your money - the best way is to transform it into real estate in Adriatica. As we can see - property prices are falling down everywhere in Europe - but not in Adriatica!!! Why is that so???

It is exactly because Europeans who have some money aside - are struggling to save the value of their money - by investing into safe projects. Those people are sure that the value of their money will not be lost. Real estate prices in Adriatica are rising slowly and, after the recession is about to end - prices of real estates in Adriatica will explode!!! 

Therefore - demand for real estate in Adriatica is growing constantly. Demand will significantly rise after 01.02.2009 when Croatia will allow other Europeans to purchase properties there, without any obstacles.

There is no better and easier solution how to save your money value - than to purchase real estate in Adriatica. The time in front of us - is the right time for that...