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Scandinavian Connection - increasingly buying a home for retirement



In recent interview for leading Croatian weekly GLOBUS - Ante Nevistić emphasizes undervaluated real estate prices in Croatia. Most European buyers confirm it - they are selling their properties in Spain and France - to be able to buy a property in Croatia. With its natural beauty and superb people - Croatia is a real contrast to other Mediterranean destinations. Properties by the sea in southern France or Spain - are up to 10 times more expensive than properties in Croatia.

You can check it yourself, to example real estate in Monaco - please click HERE. Southern France and Croatia can not simply be compared.

real estate croatia

With its 8000 kilometres pristine clean beaches, with 1300 lovely islands, with old stone cities-fortresses along the Adriatic coast - Croatia represents genuin natural giant of central southern Europe. Superb infrastructure includes the most modern motorway net in the world, built in last 10 years (Croatia has built more motorways in last 10 years than any other European country in last 50 years). Together with our German partners - we have modernised the whole telecommunication system - to the highest standards in the world. There are 4 specialised universities for tourism in Croatia, producing each year hundreds of specialists for tourism and related sciences - so, you can be sure that further development of Croatia will be a success story.

Scandinavians - citizens od Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Island - are recognizing the potential of central southern Europe and take firm steps towards cooperation. Many of them have already bought a property in Croatia, many companies have already invested their money into Croatia. The largest investment is that of Recap International into tourist branch (genuine Norwegian fund), but also Danish - Carlsberg, Rockwool, Velux, Vestas, Swedish - Ericsson, SAS Radisson, Volvo etc. Scandinavian countries have even established Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Croatia - read about them HERE... 

nekretnine Hrvatska, nekretnine Dalmacija 

In our recent interview for NP Investor - the major Danish business newspapers - we have together concluded that real estate in Croatia is still much more cheaper than those in France and Spain.

During June 2010, we have hosted a Danish television team in a broadcast that is comparing real estate in Croatia, Italy and Spain. The accent was exactly that - prices in Croatia are still very attractive and affordable for buyers from the rest of Europe. As soon as we have that video - we will put it here online.

nekretnine Hrvatska, apartman Trogir, kuća Kaštela

On average - Scandinavians are very nice people, grateful neighbours, always ready for talk and help. Nordic countries have for decades developed a kind of "scandinavian model of social state" - which has quite a lot in common with the social system of ex Yugoslavia. Obviously - they have developed their system that is still functioning very well - we had some other problems, so it didn't work.

However - there is something in mentality of Scandinavians and Croats that fits very well together. All experiences in many fields of life - show very good cooperation results.  

Many Scandinavians buy real estate in Croatia - not only as a good investment - but as the second home for retirement times. So - they are using their properties in Croatia as holiday homes - and when they got to pension, they are spending quite a lot time in their homes at the Adriatic.

There are very good flight connections between Scandinavia and Adriatic airports. A flight from Copenhagen to Split takes ca 2 hours, from Oslo to Split ca 2,5 hours etc. You can visit companies that are fluying on Adriatica - Scandinavia lines in our LINKS.  Also - if you drive from any Scandinavian city to Croatia - you are always on a very good net of European motorways.  

kuća Čiovo, villa Šibenik

It is good that cooperation between Croatia and Scandinavia functions well on all levels. We think that both sides will be winning in a long pleasant cooperation - in many days to come.

Croats adore many Scandinavian melodies, among them legendary ABBA from Sweden: