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Travel Channel - Croatian Sexiest Beaches




Bridget Marquardt, ex Hugh Hefner girlfriend ( owner of Playboy ), has a new reality show "Bridget's Sexiest Beaches" on Travel Channel, specialised TV channel devoted to tourism only.

She looks for the most sexiest beaches worldwide.

On the first place she has put Australia, and than on the second - CROATIA - before Hawai, Spain, Mexico, Florida, Barbados etc.

In episode about Croatia, Bridget Marquardt spent some time in Croatia, together with Sara Underwood, also Playboy model.

"I have heard much about Croatia, but this is even much more beautiful", said Sara.

"Cliff-diving, mud baths, plane rides, local wining and dining and skinny-dipping make Croatia perhaps the sexiest and most unexpected beach getaway."

Episode about Croatia lasts one hour on Travel Channel, with a lot of spectacular stories from Dubrovnik, Lokrum, Bol on Brac, Nin, nudist beach Palmizana on Hvar etc.

"...With miles of pristine continental Adriatic seaside and dozens of islands to visit, the sun and fun are endless. For this journey, leave the kids and your inhibitions home; we're taking you to Croatia's 10 sexiest beaches..."

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