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So - here we are again with some news from Adriatica :-)

The tourist season 2009 was even better than the one of 2008, despite of the current world economic crisis. Having in mind that Italy, France, Spain, Greece - had decline of 20-30%, we have to be really very happy.

Thanks to nice weather, the real tourist season was extended until the end of October. At present ( November 2009 ), Croatian cities like Dubrovnik, Trogir and Pula - are crowded by organized tourist groups, mainly seniors, a lot of them from USA and Japan. Guests are very satisfied with Croatia - so, no doubt that the next tourist season will be even better.

As we have already predicted in our surveys - the world recession has influenced Adriatica - but not so catastrophaly as many other countries. We experience a kind of stagnation - but really - nothing comparable to the crisis in USA, Germany and other countries. Croatia is still very stable economy, with stable currency, with sound functioning public finances...

Croatia is fulfilling the EU criteria very fast - so, the date of the accession is very near. There will be soon presidential elections - it is expected that someone from center oriented candidates will winn. 

Large investment projects are a bit slowed down (i.e. motorway towards Dubrovnik). Real estate market is still very stable - to the contrary to other Mediterranean countries ( Spain, Italy, Greece - where prices have fallen down drasticaly ). Prices are stagnating and even rising - i.e. of some high class properties. We expect speeding of the sale process by the beggining of 2010 - because that's the time when a very good organized process of fractional selling will start. Also - there will be exact date of the accession to the EU defined - which will attract even more buyers from the EU. 


The greatest contribution for developing Croatia as a brand name - give their Adriatic pearls - cities Dubrovnik, Split, Sibenik, Zadar, Rijeka, Pula. European media defines Zadar as a miracle city - becoming comparable with the most beautifulll destinations in the world. The city of Split with its surroundings - is growing in a real Mediterranean metropolis. The whole Adriatica is seeing the wave of a great prosperity. Join us in this beautifull country now !!!