The Mediterranean as it once was... One of the promotional slogans says about this part of the world "the Mediterranean - as it once was" - and that is pure truth. Indeed - it is rare to find such preserved old towns with all their history and culture, unique monuments of the ancient Mediterranean.

    One of the advantages of the Mediterranean is certainly the number of sunny hours during the year, and Adriatica is no exception.

    On the contrary, it could be said that the weather is ideal - over 300 sunny and clear days a year.

    Extremes of temperatures are rare, meaning Adriatica has something to offer every month of the year. 

    Not already in love with Adriatica?

    Well, here are some of the reasons why we believe you won’t find a better place to live:

    • Climate – many areas of Adriatica boast over 300 days of sun a year – perfect for relaxation
    • Geography – stunning Adriatic coastline with pristine waters, often cited as the finest in Europe. Archipelago of over 1200 islands making it idyllic for sailing
    • Lifestyle – relaxing and stress-free. Outdoor living and healthy eating: Adriaticans live longer than any other Europes' nationality
    • Access – Adriatica is in the centre of Europe. Beside regular connections there are a lot of direct charter flights during the season from airports around the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Russia etc
    • Stability and progress – countries of Adriatica are in EU or soon will join. Legal system is adjusted to that of the EU – with a trusted system for buying a property
    • People – as friendly and welcoming as anywhere in the world. So you truly feel at home in Adriatica (and what could be more important when buying a home for living )
    • Culture – rich in culture with world heritage sites. Remains date back to the Antique, Renaissance and Baroque periods. Rarely can you find so many examples of cultural and historical significance from different periods in such a small region
    • Jewel – Adriatica is being positioned as an elitist destination with a number of celebrities from the film, sport, music and corporate world (e.g. Michael Jordan, Robert de Niro, Bill Gates, Roman Abramovich, Demi Moore, John Malkovich, Richard Gere, Bono Vox, Mikhail Gorbatschov, etc. ) either just visiting or buying their own property in Adriatica

    ... there is much much more to say – and if you feel that you have right now discovered a dream place for the rest of your life – don't hesitate – contact us – we will help you...

    Why Adriatica?


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