Old stone house - admired real estate in Croatia

    Living in history

    Living in history

    Demand for old stone houses for reconstruction is rising.

    When you think of the Adriatic coast, of course you immediately see smaller and larger cities, built of - white stone ... Yes - this is the historic part, which was built from the material we have in abundance - STONE ... red brick roofs. .. wooden windows and shutters (mostly green, but there are also blue and brown ...)

    Narrow streets lead to the main square. There is also a market place - where local farmers offer fruits and vegetables. Fish market, with fresh fish. Probably a shop with high quality prosciutto and cheese. Lots of little shops. This is the authentic historical Adriatica - Istria, Kvarner, Dalmatia, Dubrovnik, the coast of Montenegro ...

    ...special lifestyle...

    Life in history has its own charm.

    Why - old stone houses ...?

    History, as everywhere, has had its course. Anyone who wants to learn more about historical details, of course, can easily find them today. Along the Adriatic coast, over a long history, a number of smaller and larger stone settlements have developed - villages and towns. In recent times, around these stone centers - larger and smaller modern cities have developed.

    During some times, people preferred better quality living conditions, which were provided by modern houses and buildings. In new parts of settlements, everything worked - water, electricity, telephone, sewerage, wide streets and sidewalks, large shops, well-organized parking, garages... New infrastructure allows a fast pace of life.

    But slowly, especially as tourism developed, it became more and more interesting to live in the old stone centers of the settlement. Over time, the communal infrastructure (water, electricity, sewerage ...) is being renewed here as well. And of course, most tourists find accommodation in old stone centers - the most interesting (and therefore, on average, the most expensive).

    Beautiful and well-restored old stone houses are becoming a dream of local people, but also foreigners. So - stone houses renovated in the old original style. The stone walls have been retained, the mezzanine structure is wooden (wooden beams), the internal stairs are wooden. If there is a terrace or balcony - the fences are made of wrought iron or stone again. If there is space, there are also pots of flowers (pitari) or some smaller trees.

    And furniture... Some find really old furniture, which they restore. If they buy new furniture, then the so-called - antique design is required. Basically - everything should work as usual today - but that old form, the old atmosphere must be visible...

    If you are buying an old stone house that needs to be renovated, you should know that all such houses are - registered as - a cultural monument. So, if you want to renovate - you need to contact the local conservation department of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, so they can give you general instructions - how you can renovate your house. The staff of these departments will really meet your needs, by most often allowing some minor changes in the exterior of the house (e.g. if the windows are too small, they will allow larger ones ...). Sometimes, due to the logic of modern times, they will allow even greater alterations to the old original house. But really - you need to know that it is necessary to take care that the old stone centers of the Adriatic settlements - are preserved in the most original form possible.

    Unfortunately - you will see many examples of improper renovation of houses in the historic centers of the village. Such things happened in times of bad state administration. So - don't ask yourself how something was possible, and let's say you are - not allowed. What happened, that's it - no more possible. The modern Croatian state takes care of historically valuable real estate, and if you own such real estate - you must cooperate with the said conservation department.  


    The sheer layout of the rooms inside your old stone house is not something you need to ask conservators. You can decide for yourself, together with your architect. Renovation of old stone houses can be performed by a licensed company. The price of renovation is a bit higher - because there is often no access to your house by vehicles, the construction site should be specially protected during construction etc...

    The walls of your stone house are usually close to one meter thick. This ensures better thermal insulation in winter and more freshness in summer.

    But at the end of the renovation - you have a quality rarity - a house in the historic center of the village - yes, right where most tourists want to come. So, you and your house are part of a product called - the attractiveness of Croatia. Now you understand why it is important for the state of Croatia that your house retains its basic historical dimensions and outlines...

    Furthermore - the restoration of still dilapidated stone houses - is of national interest. Therefore, be sure that the institutions of the Republic of Croatia will be of great help to you. Only, as we have stated - cooperation is important - you as the owner - and the state - through the said conservation department.


    Historical stone world - lifestyle

    And yes - very important - it's not really all about having such a beautiful and special stone house. Even more important is the lifestyle you lead, if you live in the historic center of the village, in an old stone house.

    So what ... There's no car noise around you. But there is probably that everyday human murmur, life flows in narrow streets paved with white stone.

    Probably there are other God's or your creatures - pigeons, seagulls, cats, dogs ...

    Yes - the walls of your house are often connected (in a block) with neighboring houses. Yes - across the narrow street - maybe you can see your neighbor's kitchen through the window - and what they cook deliciously today...

    In the morning or at noon - after a good sleep - you can walk in slippers to your shop, cafe, restaurant... You can go barefoot to the beach - because all stone houses are a maximum of 200-300 meters from the sea. You can stand somewhere on the corner and watch the wonderful human creatures you like... cool

    In time, you will get to know your neighbors, closer and further... You will greet each other - both when you love each other and when you hate each other - with very short and diplomatic greetings - which sound like: - eeee, - aaaa, - oooo, - di si  cool 

    And yes - there is the small harbor where you have a small boat... and you often go to catch some fish... Or with already caught "fish", you go on a nearby island and a deserted beach wink

    And if you do happen to drink too many glasses of wine at a nearby tavern - well, you don't need a car or a taxi - you'll somehow find a way to your own house foot-in-mouthlaughing

    This lifestyle includes very healthy cuisine. A little meat, a little fish, a lot of vegetables, a lot of fruit...

    Never buy poisons from the so-called "bakeries" - full of the cheapest fats, oils, flour, sugar sealed

    During the day - NEVER - alcohol ... !!!! NEVER...!!!

    It is very uncultured and savage - during the day to consume beer, wine - or God forbid - spirits sealed

    During the day, the brain must be clean, clear... Then we drink COFFEE. innocent

    Espresso, Turkish... Alone or with friends. One coffee is drunk for an hour or longer. We talk about various topics. We clarify politics, business, local and world topics, philosophize... We comment on passers-by wink

    Alcohol possibly - only in the evening, when we know there are no more important commitments, when we know we are going to bed soon. And mostly a glass or two - wine.

    It is that Adriatic lifestyle. Old and new style of - Dalmatia, Istria, Dubrovnik...

    Who Sings Means No Harm. It will be good for you to exercise your throat a bit. Feel free to join one of the many klapas, which fill the taverns and sleepy alleys with their polyphony. Songs are always about love, the sea, fish, olives, guitars, wine... Discard "rap" and similar versions of anticulture. sealed

    Join in the glorification of the civilization of life, work, love... Let's sing tonight in the tavern ... cool 



    Do I belong here ...?

    Well - of course you belong... as the saying goes "When you're in Rome, do as the Romans do"... so you do - accept this most beautiful way of life in the world as your own - and here it is... you are our, at that moment wink

    What do I get out of it?

    Dude. Girl. You get EVERYTHING... !!!

    It has been scientifically proven many times that the lifestyle on the Adriatic coast is superior. From food, drinks, relaxation, humor, a lot of swimming, sex etc - nowhere will you find a healthier life cool   

    Welcome to the club

    No rich people, jet set, oligarchs - can have what our Dalmatia, Istria, Adriatica - offer... If you come here and fit in with us - you will only then understand how happy you are...

    NO IDIOTISMS...!!!

    If you have some imaginary nonsense in your head, DO NOT COME ... !!!

    Brainwashing with various idiotic ideologies... that absolutely does not work in Adriatica...

    ... man, woman, children, family ...

    If you don't understand that - you have nothing to look for here...!!!

    ...we wish you good luck on your Adriatic cool


    That is why we have created a special category of real estate for you - OLD STONE HOUSES. Take a look at some of our offers - then choose something as soon as possible. smile


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