Kaštela - new Dubrovnik...?

    New Croatian star

    New Croatian star

    More and more Croats and other Europeans see Kaštela as their dream place

    In recent years, the town called Kaštela has undergone incredible changes. That is why many people are increasingly talking about Kaštela as a destination that can be compared to the jewel of the Adriatic Sea, the city of Dubrovnik. Of course, no place can be compared with Dubrovnik, because Dubrovnik is probably the most beautiful city in the world. But the new changes - are moving Kaštela into a superbly beautiful place - to live and do business. 

    Kaštela - an agglomeration of seven individual settlements which are administered as a single town with name KAŠTELA, with populations individually ranging from 3.000 to 7.000 residents (total ca 60.000). It is located northwest of the city of Split, west of Solin and east of Trogir, on the central Dalmatian coast. Names are: Kaštel Sućurac, Kaštel Gomilica, Kaštel Kambelovac, Kaštel Lukšić, Kaštel Stari, Kaštel Novi, Kaštel Štafilić. Altogether - KAŠTELA.


     The Kaštela Riviera is one of the seldom fertile areas on the Adriatic coast, about 20 kilometres in length - consisting of fertile fields, wineyards, olive orchards, gardens full of various fruits and vegetables. It has attracted people since prehistoric times. From ancient Greek sailors, Roman soldiers - and than finally Croatian dukes and kings, who have established their first kingdom exactly here. Famous painting "Dolazak Hrvata" (The arrival of the Croats) couldn't be made on better place than on the mountain Kozjak overlooking Kaštela. When you look from the top of Kozjak downwards and see spacious Kaštela fields - it reminds you immediately on story from the Bible, when the God talks about "promised land - a good and spacious land, flowing with milk and honey."  


    One product from Kaštela has become planetarily popular. Namely - the best red wine in USA, which is called ZINFANDEL there, is actually from Kaštela. Grapes "Crljenak Kaštelanski" were brought to California by Croats more than 100 years ago, which has since become the best American variety. More about Zinfandel here ... 

    In recent years, Kaštela has worked very hard to rebuild its strategic infrastructure. The most modern sewerage and water supply networks have been built. Brand new airport, multi-lane roads, new ports and marinas, modern internet ... In addition to the largest marina in Croatia (Marina Kaštela), small ports are being built, such as the one in Kaštel Stari, which is almost completed (February, 2022).

    The name Kaštela sounds familiar to you - of course it is a series of CASTLES (castles = Kaštela). They are located right in the sea - and once upon a time they were connected to the mainland by a bridge. Their walls hide many legends, such as the saga of Miljenko and Dobrila. Some of these castles have been renovated, some are being renovated - and are becoming top heritage hotels.

    The reconstruction of the main promenade ( we call it - RIVA ) in Kaštel Stari and Kaštel Novi will begin soon. This modern city promenade will completely change the look and reputation of Kaštela. With its promenades, castles, 7 small stone towns - Kaštela is becoming a new tourist attraction - and we can talk about the "new Dubrovnik".

    Previous 4 photos by City of Kaštela and Portal Kaštela

     As the restoration of historic Kaštela continues, interest in buying real estate in Kaštela is growing. Old stone houses are especially in demand - usually in need of complete renovation. Of course - prices are rising. Therefore, do not hesitate - buying real estate in Kaštela is a dream investment.

    By buying an old stone house in Kaštela, you are not buying just a property. You are buying a special lifestyle. The stone house in Kaštela can be away from the sea a maximum of 200 meters. So - in slippers you go to the beach, to the old market where you can buy home-grown fruits and vegetables, to the fish market where freshly caught fish is sold... Just around the corner are cafes, restaurants - on whose terraces you will eat delicious Dalmatian specialties, drink espresso coffee for hours - watching beautiful people walking along the promenade. In addition to swimming, you can do various sports.  It is especially healthy to walk on the slopes of the great mountain Kozjak - from where you have a spectacular view of the entire central Dalmatian waters and islands.

    In just 15 minutes you are in the beautiful city of Split - where you have a lot of things to see, where you have sports and cultural facilities, large clinics and scientific institutions. We are all crazy fans for our football team Hajduk.

    The people in Kaštela are very hardworking. Work, order and discipline. Work on weekdays, rest on weekends. On Sundays the whole family goes to Mass in our beautiful stone churches. But we are also ready for celebrations and fun. You will enjoy many cultural events like nowhere else. The best singers of the original Dalmatian groups - KLAPA - are from Kaštela...!!!

    If it seems to you that these are values ​​that you also appreciate - you are very welcome in Kaštela. The place is ideal for vacation, but also for permanent residence. Specially for your business ventures.

    Be our neighbor, we are inviting you for coup of coffee on the Kaštela promenade...

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