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    Can a foreign citizen buy a property in Adriatica?

    Croats and citizens of the EU - can buy properties in Croatia without any special procedure.

    Other citizens - yes, but after prior consent issued by the Ministry of justice. The statements of consent are issued to citizens of countries with which Croatia has signed a contract on reciprocity and in extraordinary cases, to citizens of other countries as well.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina - YES.

    Montenegro - YES.

    Can a foreign citizen sell a property in Adriatica?

    Yes, a foreign citizen as well as corporations owned by foreign citizen, can freely sell real estates in Adriatica.

    Are the property prices increasing?

    Adriatica is top destination for many foreigners. With Adriatica’s countries approaching to the E.U. demand is growing and as a result property prices are predicted to increase dramatically. Properties that are well built and well maintained benefit from the highest increases.

    What are the driving regulations in Adriatica?

    Visitors in Adriatica may drive using a valid International Driving Licence or their National Driving Licence, provided it is valid for the class of vehicle they want to drive. If they wish to get an Adriatica driving licence, then they must convert their national licence to a local one or take the driving test.

    Do you provide after-sales services?

    We and our associates pride ourselves on our after-sales service. Our in-house property management department is always here to help.

    What is communication system like in Adriatica?

    Adriatica has one of the most advanced and cheapest telecommunication systems available. ISDN, ADSL and standard dial-up PC networking are also easily accessible.

    How much can I expect to spend fitting my property with appliances and furnishings?

    You can expect to spend between Eur5000 and Eur10000 on a one or two bedroom property, dependent on the size of the property the quality of the items purchased.

    Roughly how much are property insurance costs?

    As a general rule property insurance is charged at 1.65% of the current property value and contents are calculated at 2% of their total value.

    Can Adriatica Group assist with insurance and mortgages?

    We can help with the arrangement of insurance and various loan facilities. Alternatively all clients are free to go to their own preferred financial institutions.

    Is it better to purchase properties as an individual or to set up a company?

    There are several factors to consider although as a general rule we recommend that anyone buying more than 3 units registers a company. Please see "Buying Guide" section on our website for more details.

    Is there any incentive or discount offered by the Adriatica Group to encourage me to buy a second or third property?

    Each case is viewed individually.

    What is the overall situation in Albania?

    The country has entered full membership in NATO. It is expected to fulfill all criteria for the EU i next years. Infrastructure is improving quite fast. We think - it's good to visit Albania before it gets too developed :-)

    Also - property prices are very low, therefore - it's good time to purchase...

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