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    39 m2


    128.000 EUR

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    Air conditioning

    Air conditioning

    Fantastic view

    Fantastic view





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    House on the sea, the island of Brač, the champion of world tourism - the city of Bol.

    Nice garden (560m2), parking... Terraces, pergola, indoor and outdoor fireplace. Sea view - even from the ground floor. And this view cannot be compromised, because there can be no more construction in front of the house.

    Everything as in the pictures. You still need - as the English would say - "final touches" - and you have a wonderful property in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world - the city of Bol, the island of Brač.

    The entire house is for sale for 920,000 euros.

    By apartments (the same for the ground floor and the first floor):

    22m2, studio (78,000 euros),

    27m2, one bedroom (88,000 euros),

    27m2, one bedroom + 12m2 terrace (128,000 euros),

    Attic = one apartment on the entire floor (open space), 83m2 + 12m2 terrace, 330,000 euros

    If you understand what it means to have a property like this in Bol - then you will surely react immediately...

    Ante Nevistić
    Adriatica Real Estate
    contact: +385 99 2018 000

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    Bol, Croatia

    About Bol

    Bol is the oldest coastal town on the island Bra?, and from the town of fishermen and wine growers, it became a well-known tourist centre. It is difficult to show you in brief what Bol represents today but it is definitely the place for your ideal holiday! Bol is... the unique beach "Zlatni rat"... ... "Vidova gora", the highest peak of the Adriatic islands... ... the intact nature, lawns, vineyards... ... crystal clear sea... beaches...hidden romantic bays... Bol is a meeting place for people .... from all over the world... ... and a favourite summer resort for celebrities... Bol are ... hotels...campsites... private apartments... Bol is an excellent gastronomic experience! Taverns and restaurants offer numerous specialties... fish, crabs, shellfish... grill, vegetarian cuisine... top-quality wine Bol... Bol is SPORT!Well-known windsurfing paradise. One of the world famous tennis centres... diving... mountain bikes...beach volley... Bol is CULTURE! Bol cultural summer programme...concerts, shows, exhibitions...

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