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    Brač island

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    200 m2


    1.200.000 EUR

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    Air conditioning

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    Probably one of the best Croatian architects is selling his villa on the island of Brač. Right in front of villa, in a beautiful bay - you get ownership of a mooring for a boat, as well as an original boat with a length of 6 meters. Can there be a better offer...???

    Directly by the sea, on a plot of land of 640m2, a villa with a usable living area of 200m2 was built. In addition to the main building, there are auxiliary buildings - a house in the yard (single room for service or guests), a toilet in the yard, and several storage rooms - for garden furniture, garden tools, gas...

    The location is excellent - it takes about 10 minutes to walk to the center of the town. You drive to the villa on a road that does not pass through the center of the town, so you have no problems in the summer (the center of the town is closed to car traffic in the summer due to tourists). You have a great view of the sea from the terraces and windows of the villa.

    The villa was designed and built by connoisseurs of life on the Adriatic. Fitting into the local mentality, there was no external luxury exaggeration. No - the villa in no way shows superiority to other houses in the town. Concept that the architect followed - not to deviate too much from the average - so that the locals would accept the owner as one of their own.

    But of course, when you cross the main entrance (there is also an auxiliary one), covered with white grape vines - you see that the architect has built a very beautiful and practical summer residence for himself. On the stone-walled cascades of the garden grow 5 olive trees, 3 kiwis, lemons, oranges, grapefruits, kunkquats, figs, strawberry tree... The yard is also decorated with works of art - sculptures and painted stone.

    An integral part of the outdoor area is also an open swimming pool with furnished terraces and an engine room. The water surface of the pool is 750x350cm, depth 145cm. The pool has a built-in countercurrent pump and preparation for the installation of a heat pump, and it is serviced by a robotic device for cleaning. Next to the pool there are terraces for sunbathing and a multi-purpose room.

    Main building:

    1. cellar = konoba (most often in the rest of Europe it is called - wine cellar, tavern)... it means - a place where wine, olives, prosciutto and the like are kept... Alone or with loved ones - there you can taste local delicacies and even sing. .. there is also a toilet...
    2. low ground floor = two-room apartment, kitchen, bathroom (for guests...). There is also a covered terrace with a barbecue, size ca. 8m2
    3. ground floor = unique living space with sections for: sitting, dining, intellectual work, and kitchen. There is also a covered terrace of 20m2, equipped with an originally designed stone dining table (10 people) and rich seating furniture. Adjacent to it, a few steps down, is a larger open terrace with an even larger originally designed stone dining table (14 people), next to which there is a brick barbecue with a "summer kitchen"
    4. first floor = parents' bedroom, 3 children's bedrooms, bathroom, hallway, and a small terrace with a beautiful sea view

    The living space is well-equipped and richly furnished, especially the living room with a fireplace and leather sofas, as well as a kitchen and a wood-burning stove. The play of space on several levels - makes this part of the house particularly charming. A special feature is the military nautical map of the Central Adriatic in a scale of 1:25,000 that covers one large wall, as well as works of art. You can see most of the details in our photos, and we will be happy to take you to Brač and open this unique villa for you. We can go by car, then by ferry - but we can also go by our boat, which is located right next to Split airport.

    Be wise - follow the logic of the current owner. You will rarely find such a beautiful and high-quality villa for you and your family. It is worth every Euro... Don't wait long, contact us as soon as possible...

    Ante Nevistić
    Adriatica Real Estate
    contact: +385 99 2018 000

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    Brač island, Croatia

    About Brač island

    Brač - pronounced Brach. On this island - a man and a stone have always lived and fought each other. Today fewer vineyards burst into leaf on its terraced slopes and, in the spring, fewer lively goats and unruly colts riotously race each other in its grassy vales. Brac is at its most hospitable in summer when it opens up its heart and presents: its small towns, and villages and its coves. In summer, the population doubles on its shores, which stretch for more than a hundred miles. Sage, heather, lavender and rosemary bushes bloom on its slopes and fill one's nostrils with their scents. A multitude of colors meet the gaze: ripe dog berries, bearberries, barberries, mallow, the swollen fruits of blackthorn and blackberry bushes. The deafening song of crickets chirping tirelessly on the knotty jasmines and spruces, has given the island its name, "island of crickets".

    395 km2


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