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    \"Adriatic pearl\" - Opatija is famous also as \"Adriatic Monte Carlo\" at the end of 19 and beginning 20 century. The list of celebrated guests who were fascinated by Opatija is long: Austro-Hungarian emperor Franz Joseph Habsburg, Prussian emperor Wilhelm II, Norwegian-Swedish king Oscar II, king George of Greece, composer Gustav Mahler, dancer Isadora Duncan, writers James Joyce, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, Henryk Sienkiewicz, Vladimir Nabokov and so on. Today Opatija is an atractive gastronomy resort with an excellent architectural heritage and extraordinary parks. Our villa is situated in calm and green area, just 150 m from the beach. This unique Croatian villa represents an impresive modern design and one of the finest examples of a contemporary Croatian architecture. Just marble walls around the villa are great value per se. Villa consists of 4 floors. Three upper levels contain 3 huge apartments, each around 190 m2. Every apartment has large hall with imperial white, labrador blue pearl and red africa granite in different design; impresive loggia with red africa granite, elegant dining set and spectacular view to the sea; superior kitchen/dining room with imperial white, labrador blue pearl and red africa granite again in different design and all modern appliances and equipment; exceptional living room with the same granite in different design, home cinema and elegant pure leather sofa set; master bedroom with king size bed, machagony parquet and view to the see; comfortable bedroom with queen size bed and machagony parquet; two twin size bedrooms with machagony parquete; one extraordinary bathroom in natural onyx with jacuzzi; one bathroom in splendid ceramic with steam-bath; separate WC and wardrobe room. All furniture is brand new. Basement, the first level, on 140 m2 contains an small wellnes center with sauna, shower and massage table, spacious gym, large recreational room with billiard and pingpong table and space for central heating equipment. All that belongs for use to each apartment. There are also three separate small spaces for every apartment. The luxury villa has been built on 2500 m2 large plot, has also a spacious private swimming pool 13x6 meters with extensive terrace, remarkable sun loungers, dining space and panoramic view to the sea, big garage for 6 cars, impresive mediterranean garden with more than 500 flowers and trees and nice playground for basketball and mini football. Everything belongs for use to each apartment. For sale is 1/3 or complete. Call now on +385 98 385 049

    Ante Nevistić
    Adriatica Real Estate
    contact: +385 99 2018 000

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    Opatija, Croatia

    About Opatija

    Opatija is a town in western Croatia, just southwest of Rijeka on the Adriatic coast. Opatija is situated in the Gulf of Kvarner ( Kvarnerski zaljev) in a sheltered position at the foot of Učka mountain, with Vojak peak at 1401 m. Opatija is located 90 km from Trieste by rail and 82 km from Pula by road. The city is geographically on the Istrian peninsula, though it is not in Istria county, but Primorje-Gorski Kotar county.

    It is a popular summer and winter resort, with average temperatures of 10C in winter, and 25C in summer. Opatija is surrounded by beautiful woods of bay laurel. The whole sea-coast to the north and south of Opatija is rocky and picturesque, and contains several smaller winter resorts. The old 14th-century Benedictine abbey, San Giacomo della Priluca, from which the place derives its name (abbazia and opatija mean \"abbey\" in Italian and Croatian, resp.) is located in Park Svetog Jakova or Saint Jacobs Park. The Saint Jacob church, built in 1506 and enlarged in 1937, now stands on the same spot. The neo-Romanesque Church of the Annunciation with its pronounced green cupola, was designed in 1906 by architect Karl Seidl. The city\'s most prestigious sight is the Villa Angiolina, which was built in 1844 by Iginio Scarpa, a rich merchant from Rijeka. This villa, tranformed into a hotel, gave a boost to tourism to this town. It became a fashionable destination for the Austrian imperial family and Austrian nobility. Soon more luxury hotels and villas were built, such as the Hotel Kvarner, built in 1884. A new railway line was extended to Rijeka, from where one could go by tram to Opatija. The Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I used to spend here several months during winter. Many of these late 19th-century luxury hotels and villas have survived to present times.

    Opatija is known for the Maiden with the seagull, a statue by Zvonko Car (1956), which is positioned on a promontory by the Juraj Šporer art pavilion. It has turned into one of symbols of Opatija. A gilded variant of the statue Madonna, that once stood here but was demolished by a storm, now stands in front of the Saint Jacob Church. The town park Angiolina contains many species of plants from all over the world. It has been protected since 1968. Close-by, vis-a-vis Hotel Imperial, stands the statue The Fountain - Helios and Selena, a work of the Austrian sculptor Hans Rathautsky from 1889. The lungomare is a 12 km-long prom

    42 km2


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