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Botanická zahrada, dům u moře - Ref. 6406

Tato nemovitost byla prohlédnuta 59122 krát


Počet obyvatel: 65000
Rozloha: 15,000 km2
Školy: 18
Univerzity: 1
Školky: 12
Knihovny: 6
Divadla: 0
Kina: 1
Místní vláda:
Starosta: Mr Denis Ivanović
Adresa: Braće Radić 1, K.Sućurac
Telefonní číslo: +38521205201
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The beautiful Adriatic sea, somewhere in the middle of it's Croatian coast, sneaked in between the island of Ciovo and the peninsula of Marijan, at the bottom of mountain Kozjak, forming the bay of Kastela, positioned in the sun's travelling path. The area between Kozjak and the sea, with its beauty, mildness and fertility has always attracted people. To the prehistoric man it gave shelter; centuries ago it was covered with villas and planted with Mediterranean plants like vines and olives. The barbarians devastated it in the early middle ages. The Croats have settled here in the seventh century and created here the centre of their state. Here they converted to Christianity and built their settlements along the slopes of the Kozjak mountain. During the war with Turks they moved from the mountain villages towards fortifications erected by royals along the coast, in order to protect themselves and their peasants. Thus, 500 years ago there was a significant development of some twenty castles, fortifications, of which nowadays only seven are preserved. Around them settlements were sprouting to finally merge together into the town of Kastela. Seven little stone pearls in one shell; the magic number 7 will always remain the symbol of richness and variety of our town.
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