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Second row from the sea, house under construction - Ref. 7436

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Population: 52000
Size: 124 km2
Schools: 23
Faculties: 4
Kindergardens: 42
Libraries: 8
Theatres: 1
Cinemas: 2
Local government:
Mayor: Mr Željko Burić
Address: Trg palih branitelja Domovinskog rata 1
Phone Nr.: 00385 22 431 000
Sibenik, the oldest autochthonous town in the Adriatic , is located in its naturally most protected port, in the midst of its eastern coast, at the estuary of Krka river. It dwells at the very sources of rich Croatian history, on the spot where some of the first Croatians had seen the blue, beautifully intoxicating sea, which was to protect, nurture and feed them for centuries to come.

Today, with the population of around 52000 (51553 in 2001), Sibenik is the principal town of the county, constituting its cultural, educational, administrative and economic centre.
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