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Nice Zadar House - Ref. 3378

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Population: 73000
Size: 3,683 km2
Schools: 22
Faculties: 8
Kindergardens: 34
Libraries: 6
Theatres: 2
Cinemas: 3
Local government:
Mayor: Dr Zvonimir Vrančić
Address: Sv Leopolda Mandica 1, 23000 Zadar
Phone Nr.: 00385 23 208 177
Based on a three thousand year old tradition, the Zadar region has evolved to take up 14% of the total territory of the Republic of Croatia, and around 12% of the territorial sea, with as many islands as there are days in the year plus an islands' surface area of approximately 580 km square. Just offshore of the 1200 km long coast, most indented coastline in the Mediterranean, there is an array of four strings of islands beginning with the largest: Pag, Dugi Otok, Ugljan, Paman, leading to the smaller ones: Silba, Molat, Olib, Premuda, I, Vrgada, Sestrunj. "efroirfji"
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