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We are a team of the most qualified real estate experts providing services in real estate market in countries that naturally engrave to the Adriatic Sea - therefore the name Adriatica. Regionally and internationally we are recognized  as a leader in bringing new technologies and philosophies into this kind of service. Our dynamic and well educated team is capable to carry out any demand for services in a real estate branch.
    Besides professional excellence - we are all emotionally devoted to this most beautiful part of the world. In the middle of Europe you will find a people who still think with a heart - opposing the cruel winds of globalisation. By bringing you to Adriatica, we don't want just to sell one or another property - no - we are striving to introduce you to this marvelous nature with superb living culture.  We would like that one day, when your children are grown in this most valuable Mediterranean bay - you will still remember some people from some real estate agency who taught you first steps in your process of reconciliation with your heart. We are neither machines nor animals. We are humans from Adriatica striving to live in harmony with nature, dedicated to highest moral, listening our souls.

    Come here, join us, there are each day more and more healthy Dalmatians :-)