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        I am the holder of a Master of Business Administration Degree, specialized in international business. I speak English and German fluently and have a working knowledge of Danish and Russian.
    Small tourism and trade company was my first own private business experience. After that I have travelled whole the world as a long-standing career diplomat – just to realize that my Adriatica is the most beautiful part of it. In each of these wonderful places - Copenhagen, Sarajevo, Berlin, Stuttgart, Dubrovnik, London, Split, Mostar and Tomislavgrad - I’ve spent some years living alone or together with my family.
    In countries that naturally engrave to the Adriatic Sea, I have a lot of good contacts – among ordinary people as well as in the highest business structures. Also I foster good relations with many interesting individuals in Europe and worldwide. Let my knowledge and experience be of help in your search for a property in Adriatica. Let us find together a beautiful property for you in beautiful Croatia.  

Direct e-mail address:
Cellular Phone Nr.: +385 99 201 8000
More about me on: Ante Nevistić, Facebook profile Ante Nevistić, Twitter profile Ante Nevistić, Linked In profile
  AMBASADORS OF ADRIATICA (people who occasionally help us abroad)

I come from Moscow and I am in love with Croatia for a long time. I am helping Russian tourists to come to Croatia, specially to the region of Dalmatia. You can see my activities on following link ( 
I speak fluently Russian and Croatian, have working knowledge in English. I will be very happy if I could help my friends from Adriatica in attracting more Russian tourists and property buyers. When doing business with Russia - you should know that you are in contact with one whole new world, so called "Russian world". That world includes many countries of EuroAsia (like Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan etc), where people speak fluently Russian language and have very close relations with Russia. That "Russian world" is - and always will be - very interested for our dear Croats on the most beautiful Slavic sea on the Planet - our Adriatic sea.

Direct e-mail address:
Cellular Phone Nr.: +7 499 677 1704

I have studied at bilingual English-Slovak Grammar School in Sucany ( close to Martin ), where all the subjects were taught entirely in English. I speak English fluently and also have a working knowledge of German. I have lived in UK for a few years.
     For a while I have been running small recruitment agency focusing on Slovakians looking for a job in the UK. At the moment, I also run an internet hypermarket in Slovakia.
     I remember lovely holidays in Croatia with my family when I was a child. Immediately I fell in love with this wonderful country. Since then I have been dreaming about my own property in Adriatica region. I know that many Slovakians share the same dream, so I will be happy if I can help a bit.
Direct e-mail address:
Cellular Phone Nr.: +421 908 230 568

I have acomplished philology study on Opol university, Slavic studies, Croatian and Serbian language. We in Poland just adore our south Slavic brothers and sisters, specialy Croats, who are close to us also through our common catholic religion. I speak Polish, Croatian and English. It will be my pleasure if I could help my Dalmatian freinds in communication with Polish clients. Besides ca 40 millions people in Poland, there are about the same number of Polaks, living abroad, many of them in USA. So - that is quite interesting market for anybody. 
Direct e-mail address:
Cellular Phone Nr.: +48 883 156 010